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In a way ones work is 'home'. A place of refuge where one processes, gathers, reflects and cultivates. To say the last two years have been 'eventful' would be an understatement. I've been faced with some big challenges, and able to learn a few life lessons along the way. I’m still learning, but I tend to sweat the small stuff less. That's been a good one.

With social media, there are so many 'in' points and places to access info on artists and their work. Each platform offers a slightly different angle. In the past, on my website, I grouped work by show, chronologically ordered and partitioned. I included everything. Going through many images, and opening an array on my desktop, it's been an interesting exercise to mix up the chronological time stamps. It gave me a different reflective overview, perhaps a fuller understanding of myself.

I’ve continued my desktop exercise and also edited images down. I've selected works, from different times, years, and placed them together and they’re not necessarily displayed chronologically either. I think it gives a better 'whole' understanding of me.